About Phantom Fields

Like barkeeps crafting cocktails never before tasted, the four seasoned song writers of Phantom Fields concoct a sound that lands somewhere near the crossroads of alt country and indie rock. A shared thirst for music-making brought the four together during the darkest depths of COVID in early 2021. It became clear as they woodshedded a diverse collection of original material that they shared a passion for their craft and a knack for traversing musical genres. Their diverse influences, hi-octane rhythms, instrument swapping, and attention to each and every note result in genre-defying recordings and high wire live shows.

Ben Johnston
Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Tate Schoeberlein
Pedal Steel, Guitars, Vocals

Aaron Smith
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Harmonica

Steve Tacheny
Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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Phantom Fields’ debut EP NOW YOU KNOW is due out April 5th, 2023 and will be available on all major streaming services and Bandcamp.

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Ben Johnston
benevident@gmail.com, 612-385-1963